ProDrone BYRD Review

ProDrone BYRD Review

Drones are getting more and more sophisticated in recent months, and the ProDrone BYRD quadcopter is only one of the latest designs.

The ProDrone BYRD quadcopter is definitely meant for people who like to be on the go; it is able to fold into a package a bit smaller than an Xbox, allowing it to fit into a backpack relatively easily. Once you get to your flight location, it simply becomes a matter of unfolding the drone, attaching one of the 4 compatible cameras (GoPro, HD, 4K, and Infrared), and calibrating the drone to prepare it for flight. Take off and landing are both done through the push of a button, and flying out of range or running out of battery mid-flight will cause the drone to return to its original takeoff point.

A “follow-me” feature allows the drone to automatically follow the user, and its built-in survivability in environmental extremes can make the BYRD a favorite for athletes seeking to film their performance in extreme conditions. It has pretty good flight positioning and endurance in wind, but is pretty responsive so some practice will be needed before you can take smooth videos.

The drone comes with a 1080p camera, but you can also get a 4K with the Premium version of the drone if you’re willing to pay the extra money. The real-time video feed software allows multiple devices to see the same video, negating the need for people to crowd around a single controller.

All in all, the ProDrone BYRD quadcopter offers some pretty amazing features for its $750 price tag, which puts it on par with its slightly less innovative competitor, the DJI Phantom 3.