Illness prediction is now easily accessible and quite accurate

Illness prediction is now easily accessible and quite accurateOn April 7th, Sweetch, an Israeli startup, received $3.5 million in Series A funding. The company’s product is an app that predicts the likelihood of you getting diabetes, with a goal of branching out into other diseases and illnesses.

This may sound like one of those Facebook links that tells you who your crush is, or one of the numerous web-ads that say “see if you’re paying too much for insurance” or “here’s a tip for earning $100,000 sitting at home.” However, this app is actually quite clever. Instead of using a static scale to tell you how likely you are to get diabetes, it uses machine learning with data that you provide it and data from large reports like the census. This means that the likelihood the app gives you is quite accurate, as it uses real, customized data to back itself up.

It’s also much less expensive and a lot more preventive against the diabetes than visiting a doctor after symptoms are contracted. So, naturally then, it must be a perfect app for India, China, and other countries where the population needs access to healthcare, education, and food over everything else? Not right now. It’s still completing a trial run with 150 people, and will launch in Europe and the United States.

While that does sound like the app is turning away a large amount of people who would actually benefit from its existence by doing this, it’s one of the first to actually address and attempt to solve the problem of disease prevention by using actual data, and could set a trend for many startups to come in the regions that would depend heavily on its existence.