Facebook F8: Day 2

Facebook F8 Day 2

Facebook F8 day 2 kicks off with the second keynote of F8. When you arrive on day 2, the line up for the keynote is not as long or crowded as the day 1 line; however, this doesn’t mean there is not a demand to get good seats. As soon as the flood gates open, developers from everywhere start rushing in, some with bagels, coffee and breakfast snacks in hand and others grabbing drinks from the refrigerators as fast as they can and then quickly walking to their seats. Usually if you arrive the same time on day two as day one, you will get a closer seat to the stage as less rows are reserved and less people show up early. At the second keynote, there is not much talk about new Facebook technologies, announcements, or releases; however, the keynote talks a lot about VR (Virtual Reality) and feature demos that showcase the future of VR along with what direction Facebook and Oculus are headed.

After the second keynote ends on day two, lunch is severed and sessions start shortly thereafter. There is also new free Facebook swag given away in the garage on day two. In addition, Facebook engineers are there for you to ask away any question that you have that is related to a Facebook development platform.

Near the end of the second day of Facebook F8, it feels like the last day of a vacation. There is still excitement, but sessions wrap up earlier and less people are present throughout the day. This makes it almost a better time to talk to the Facebook engineers as people are less focused on asking questions and are instead more focused on going to sessions. The last session wraps up at 2:30 PM along with the last hour to try out Oculus, ask questions, and grab free swag. Shortly after 3:00, the teardown begins and it begins fast. Lights start shutting off as people in the garage are still talking, networking, and playing with the demos. Shortly, thereafter the swag, food are packed up and the last people of the remaining crowd leaves the fort mason center.

However this does not mark then end of the conference. The FbStart after party kicks off at the Generals Residence at 3:30 where people who RVSP’d can attend, network and enjoy some delicious free food and drinks. Attendees also usually receive a free gift as well, which this year was FbStart socks. This marks the end of Facebook F8. Developers pack up their bags, grab their swag and look forward to next year’s F8.