Worona Enhances WordPress Experience

Worona Enhances WordPress Experience

Worona has recently been featured on Product Hunt. The company’s app turns WordPress sites into mobile apps, improving user experience and allowing greater site reach.

The app is currently in beta version 0.7, but the company has big aims for future release. According to the company’s CEO Pablo, “The ultimate goal of Worona is to provide the best experience for WordPress sites on mobile devices. So more services like webapps, AMP or Facebook Instant Articles will be added to the current ‘WordPress to App’ service.”

The app currently allows for offline reading of created sites, push notifications, and excellent mobile device compatibility. Extensions of the app include Favorites, Categories, and Ads, making the apps created by Worona look professional and polished. You can also create your own extensions thanks to Worona’s open source code.

As for cost, the app is completely free, although you can make one-time payments for improved versions of Worona that have the company publish your app instead of doing it yourself and add more features and extensions. You can also contact Worona about an Enterprise version for professionals here: [email protected]

Worona definitely looks interesting. If you use it, let me know what you think of it!