Zorcely Launches at 2016 StartupBus Competition

Zorceley Launches at 2016 StartupBus Competition

Zorcely provides a new way for people to give, empowering entrepreneurs and non-profits to build and launch impact projects by crowdsourcing time, expertise, and in-kind sponsorships from individuals and corporations.

“We want people to be able to contribute their time, expertise, and things they own to projects they care about,” says Jon Girard, Co-Founder of Zorcely. Giving should no longer be limited to monetary donations, as non-profits and individuals can now connect with contributors and acquire resources like never before.

Users are able to browse a catalogue of projects and filter by cause, location, and organization. Contributors can give things like chairs and volunteers, and businesses can offer space, products, or even services to local projects like events. Non-profits are now able to easily make projects happen through leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, building a deeper connection with different stakeholders making their initiatives more effective, relevant, and impactful.

If you have an impact-focus community project you would like to start or if you would like to contribute your time to other causes, you can now subscribe to Zorcely at www.zorcely.com. Zorcely is also currently offering a free 14 day trial for potential customers to try out its products.

Zorcely is a platform launched in the 2016 North American StartupBus Competition. StartupBus is a foundry of people and talent, creating an environment for companies to be built in days.