Foster Success Being Built at StartupBus

Foster Success Being Built at StartupBus

When you think of a Hackathon, what do you think of? A Hackathon is aimed at developing a product that is functional at the present. If you have ever attended a Hackathon before you know how tough and rewarding it can be.

StartupBus takes the experience of a Hackathon to the next level, as an annual event that occurrs over three days as participants from around North America compete to launch not only the next big product but also launch startups. The event takes place at different cites around the United States, Canada and Mexico. This year StartupBus included 6 major cities around North America, including Vancouver, B.C.

Throughout StartupBus, there have been an array of fantastic products, services, and apps built. However, one that really stood out to me is Foster Success from Vancouver.

Vancouver start-up Foster Success is innovating with predictive analytics in an area that is crying out for support: the foster care system.

There are 500,000 young people in foster care in the United States alone. Foster children are more likely to be arrested, incarcerated, drop out of high school, or abuse drugs and alcohol. They often bounce from foster home to foster home without any consistent support.

Foster Success’ core principle is that ‘it takes just one meaningful relationship to change children’s lives.’

Parents are prompted through the app to regularly check-in with their foster child. Responses are recorded in the app and over time, a profile is built up for the foster child. The app uses predictive analytics to identify potential issues such as ADHD or depression.

After identifying potential issues, parents are directed to resources created by mental health professionals, care-workers, and pediatricians, in addition to access to community forums to learn from other foster parents and discuss and share.

If you are a foster parent, social worker, or child health professional, please sign up to the mailing list at to remain up to date and informed when the beta app launches.

So. what do you think? Do you have the next big idea for a startup? If so, apply at next year when StartupBus hits the road again!