Plume Promises Better Wifi

wifiPlume might not just be a collection of feathers on a bird for much longer. As a collection of small devices that create cloud-based, adaptive Wifi-mesh networks, Plume is yet another device that will contribute to gradually phasing out often-unreliable routers.

Like other mesh networks eero and Open Mesh, Plume consists of multiple devices plugged into multiple rooms, creating a web of Wifi around the house that easily bypasses signal-restricting walls. Hence, this removes the need to find a “right location” for a router.

Unlike most mesh networks, however, Plume is powered by a cloud with intelligent adaptation and auto channel hop. A user can use a mobile app to see and manage devices in addition to adding or removing guests on the network. The network is also uses information about the users’ devices’ usage patterns and interrupting Wifi networks’ routine behavior to optimize speed and performance. Auto channel hop seeks to resolve the mesh issue of signal strength decreasing with more signal hops between devices by automatically switching channels between each hop to minimize loss of signal strength.

Plume is now available for pre-order at $39 per pod (compared with $199 per individual eero system), but has a minimum order limit of 6 Pods. You can choose from Champagne, Silver, and Onyx colors for these pods.