Allows Homescreen Uploading Allows Homescreen has recently re-launched a service in which iOS users can upload and share their own iPhone homescreens or Apple Watch watch faces. In addition, allows users to browse and see homescreens from hand-picked and Featured users.

The startup launched on August 15th, 2010 as a simple website for people to upload and share their iPhone homescreens through media including Twitter and Facebook. An attempt was also made to create an app doing the same thing, but was rejected by Apple. Right now, its website, according to a recent post on Product Hunt, includes “learnings from the app and [optimizations to] today’s standards.” functions as a kind of “Instagram for homescreens” as it showcases different homescreens from users all over the world. Furthermore, it is a great way for people to discover new apps, wallpapers, and organizational patterns from others.

You can get started on your homescreen today at