Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta

Many are anxiously anticipating the iOS 10 release in the fall, but for some of the most impatient users out there, Apple has just released the public beta for iOS 10.

There is no catch to this. There is no $99 fee to become a developer, and the beta update is completely free. Nevertheless, that is not to say users should update their primary device to iOS 10 as fast as possible; if the numerous reviews of the beta have said anything, it is that the update is still extremely buggy even after two rounds of developer betas.

However, if you do have a spare i-device lying around, the process to download the iOS 10 beta is quite simple: just enroll your device, install a configuration profile, and download the iOS. When iOS 10 officially releases, your device will automatically update to the final version.

iOS 10 promises a complete overhaul of the current software. The lockscreen can now feature interactive widgets and notifications, all of which are compatable with 3D touch. This increase in capacity will mean that users will be using the lockscreen a lot more, not just as a mildly annoying security measure but as a primary extension of all your favorite apps.

Past the lockscreen, iOS 10 has even more changes. 3D touch allows users to preview live content of the app, giving you more extensions, more possibilities, and more flexibility. iOS 10 features more pre-installed apps for a variety of functions, such as Home and iCloud Drive, and existing apps such as Apple Music and Apple Maps have been overhauled as well.

Many changes are also coming to Messages. The new system allows users to draw and add a variety of effects to messages, allowing for new forms of expression. Messages also now supports third-party extensions, opening up the future development of the app to other skilled developers. Finally, for those that speak multiple languages, bilingual keyboards will allow users to type in one language, switch to another in the middle of a sentence, and keep going without having to switch between different keyboards. The iOS figures out everything flawlessly, making messaging in multiple languages more seamless and conversational.

iOS 10 will be a very revolutionary release, with many features that promise a vastly-improved user experience. What do you think?