MessageBird Announces Chat API

MessageBird Announces Chat API

MessageBird, an API for sending SMS, Voice, and Chat messages, has recently announced its newest product, Chat API.

Today, there is a growing need by businesses to reach their customers on different Chat platforms. Due to the different platforms popular in different countries or even different segments of a certain population, trying to talk to a customer through Facebook Messenger when he prefers WhatsApp can prove to be a challenging and frustrating task.

That’s where MessageBird comes in. With Chat API, users can converse with their customers through multiple channels, using images, audio, video, and geolocations to contextualize messages. Currently, Chat API supports Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, and Telegram. In the future, MessageBird is looking to add additional channels like Weibo, WhatsApp, Viper, Kakao Talk, and Kik.

Furthermore, Chat API supports direct integration with CRM software, allowing you to customize Chat for your own needs. In addition, MessageBird already has ready-made integration with its official integration partner Zendesk, and is pending integration with Slack and Salesforce.

To get started on Chat API, you can directly use MessageBird’s dashboard interface, or its ready-made integration with Zendesk. You can choose from four pre-packaged plans, ranging from a free plan that handles up to 50 MAU (chat users) and has 10 GB of storage to an Enterprise plan that handles up to 50,000 MAU and has 5 TiB of storage. You can also contact the MessageBird’s sales team for options on a custom plan.