Lure Deals Turns Pokémon Go Players into Customers and Promoters

Lure Deals Turns Pokémon Go Players into Customers and Promoters

With the recent mass rollout in Europe, Pokémon Go craze is officially sweeping the world. Thus, a startup called Lure Deals promises to capitalize on this recent development and benefit both local businesses and players.

First off, here’s an explanation of Pokémon Go for those of you who still haven’t, or are unable to, download the free Android or iOS app. Pokémon Go essentially fulfills the dreams of every aspiring Pokémon trainer by turning the real world into a place where they can walk around and catch Pokémon. This experience is quite immersive; the app uses augmented reality to project Pokémon onto real world surfaces, and the trainer has to land an accurate Pokéball throw to catch the Pokémon. Once you’re out of Pokéballs, you can visit the nearest Pokéstop to get some or buy some through the online store. Once you reach level 5, you can pick between three rival teams and begin battling gyms controlled by other players.

One key feature that promotes real-life interaction between players is the Lure. Players can choose to place Lures at Pokéstops in order to attract Pokémon, the presence of which will inevitably attract other people. When the Pokéstop located right on top of a local business, the results can be extremely profitable. Businesses report a 10 to 20 percent increase in revenue on days that they have used Lures on their Pokéstops compared to the days they didn’t.

Lure Deals seeks to optimize this process and benefit both players and businesses in the process. Pokémon Go players sign up on their website and receive assignments to drop lures at certain locations. Once the player claims a bounty, they can get paid.

Meanwhile, businesses can sign up to take advantage of this as well. They just need to choose a block of time, and Lure Deals can make sure Pokémon Go players place lures at the desired location.

This is all, of course, assuming that the business has a Pokéstop right in front of it. If you are a business and you don’t, you can submit a request to Niantic; however, the company is currently working overtime dealing with such requests and managing the gradual global release of Pokémon Go.

10 Lure Deals pilot programs are currently in place, with more on the way, and a likely future to expand to other countries. This opportunity for players to make money and for businesses to profit can’t be ignored, especially since Pokémon Go has already seen such popularity.