YouTube Gets New TV App

indexWith the rising popularity of smart TVs and online streaming sites, YouTube is updating its TV application for easier use on TV. This new update will feature a different interface and improved organization of different categories for a better, modernized user experience.

People use YouTube much differently on TV as they do on a computer or smartphone; while on the latter they may get there via someone else’s recommendation or a shared link on a website, on TV people tend to treat it like a television service with way too many channels.

The company has found that viewers tend towards specific types of videos, such as news and sports. The new update moves some of these high-level categories to the top of the screen, such as “Entertainment,” “News,” and “Trending.” Subcategories under these will point users towards more specific video genres, allowing people to easily find what they want to watch. For those commonly watching such videos, there will also be sections for live streams and 4K content.

The new app also seems to focus more on YouTube’s shorter-form content, instead of its original YouTube Red content, which includes its own shows and movies.

This new update is currently becoming available in the U.S., with a future spread to other countries. It is currently available to all TV platforms except for Apple TV.