Amium: File-Centric Collaboration

Amium File Centric Collaboration

Chat-based collaboration apps are all the craze when it comes to improving workplace productivity, with such apps like Slack and HipChat as market leaders. Amium is another product looking to enter this space, but with a different perspective. Every file added to the app turns into a chatroom. What this does is make it simpler to view comments and feedback for a particular piece of work. In environments where feedback based on a particular file is important, such as within a design team or a research team, this product would make it much easier to organize one’s work.

Additionally, Amium seems to be one of many applications that is going for a “file-first” approach in order to eliminate clutter and simplify the user experience. For example, Pibox is a messaging application built around file sharing that has no file size limits. With this trend, look out for more file-based applications entering the market in the coming months that could displace Slack or Atlassian.