Amazon Plans New Alexa Speaker


After the surprise success of the Echo and the Echo Dot, Amazon is planning to release a premium Alexa-powered speaker that comes with a 7-inch tilting touchscreen.

The inclusion of the screen might seem a little random for a speaker. According to a Bloomberg report, the speaker is intended to be a kitchen device, displaying information that members of a busy household would need, such as upcoming appointments, recent news, the day’s weather, and of course, recipes. The screen makes it easier to see such information while the owner is conducting other tasks, allowing for convenient multitasking.

The visual OS powering the touchscreen display would be a modified Fire OS, which is used on Amazon’s Fire tablets. In addition, the device, thanks to Alexa, will be able to respond to verbal commands. A possible feature with the speaker is pinning items on the screen of the display, giving the device the function of a digital “refrigerator door” for notes and lists.

The device is expected to be on the pricey side, costing more than any one of the current Echo speakers. Only time will tell if this can successfully capitalize on Alexa’s prior successes.