Oculus Acquires The Eye Tribe


Oculus has just acquired The Eye Tribe, a startup that seeks to make eye-tracking technology accessible to all.

This news comes at a time when newer VR headsets are beginning to use eye-tracking and foveated rendering to give users an even more immersive and life-like experience. On the side of the designer and manufacturer, such technologies allow VR systems to save computational power, only generating perfect graphics at the user’s optical focal point.

That’s where The Eye Tribe comes in. Born in 2007 when its four founders met at the IT University of Copenhagen, The Eye Tribe built its technology into an Android tablet device in 2013, and currently sells $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers along with a $199 Eye Tribe Tracker Pro designed for consumer use. Unlike other eye trackers, which may cost up to $20,000, The Eye Tribe products are much cheaper and more affordable for the average consumer.

Although Oculus has not stated exactly what it will do with the technology, The Eye Tribe’s products have show potential for being used in identity verification, immersive video games, and many different applications. We may see such technology used in Oculus’ potential future product, the “Santa Cruz” wireless headset.