Fam Enables iMessage Group Videochats


A new app, Fam, now allows users to create seamless group video chats directly within iMessage, a kind of a group FaceTime.

The app is currently available from the iOS App Store. If you are running the latest iOS, it will appear next to all other iMessage apps after being downloaded.

After opening the app, it gives the user an option to “Create Group Video,” which, if pressed in a group chat, will automatically send a request to each person in the group iMessage. The chat can be expanded to full screen or minimized in the iMessage keyboard area. It goes without saying that each person in the group has to have the Fam app in order to participate in the videochat.

One caveat of Fam is that, unlike FaceTime, it does not allow the user to switch to another app without leaving the videochat. However, it is a simple-to-use and free application for anyone who wants to start a group videochat on their mobile device.