Fitbit Integrates with Nutrition Service and VR Bikes


This year at CES, Fitbit is rolling out three new additions to its health-centered product line: a nutrition site, Habit, as well as two new stationary bikes, the progress-tracking Peloton and the VR-capable VirZOOM.

Habit utilizes data gathered through Fitbit devices to create personalized nutrition plans, customizing food recommendations for users based on weight, body fat percentage, and calories burned. Users can also use this website to create a nutrition plan with doorstep-delivered meals customized for their needs.

The Peloton stationary bike appears to be a high-tech version of its gym-based counterparts. It is able to communicate with the user’s Fitbit to record heart rate, distance traveled, time of exercise, and calories burned, automatically syncing with the user’s Fitbit account after each ride.

The VirZoom VR Bike is perhaps the most interesting of the three additions. In addition to recording exercise data, VirZoom has a VR system that allows the user to have an immersive experience in a virtual world by becoming a tank commander, F1 driver, or Pegasus.

These new additions will join Fitbit’s Works with Fitbit ecosystem, which has already partnered with Alexa and NBA 2K17.