Siren Care Wins Hardware Battlefield 2017




TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at CES came to a close today with Siren Care being named the winner and BloomLife the runner-up, taking home both bragging rights and $50,000.

Siren Care is a wearable tech startup that seeks to help diabetic patients with socks weaved with electric sensors. These can track temperature changes in feet, allowing patients to have an extra tool to manage their health, and if need be, decide whether or not to go see a doctor. The company won out over another three finalists: BloomLife, which makes wearable devices that helps pregnant track contractions, Pillar, which makes smart sensors for construction sites, and Stratio, which makes a pen-like device that identifies different types of pills.

Hardware Battlefield 2017, which pitted what TechCrunch describes as the “most interesting, most promising early-stage hardware companies being built” against each other, featured companies from China and Uganda, as well as an extremely talented panel of judges, which was comprised of CyPhy Works founder and CTO Helen Greiner, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director Michelle K. Lee, Intel Capital President Wendell Brooks, and TechCrunch Senior Editor Matt Burns.

Other startups that competed in Hardware Battlefield are SmartyPans, Japet, Stratio, ShapeScale, Venneos, Wild Card, Matibabu, Munro, and BLITAB.