Baidu Opens AR Lab


Chinese internet company Baidu announced today that it will be establishing a lab for augmented reality research. This lab will join the existing Big Data Lab, Silicon Valley Lab, and the Institute of Deep Learning as part of the Baidu Research Division.


However, AR itself will not be a new investment for the search giant. Last August, Baidu launched an AR platform, “DuSee,” which allows users to fiew AR animations overlaid on real environments. Its apps Mobile Baidu, Baidu Maps, and Baidu Nuomi also already feature AR features, which include keyword-related effects. Baidu has also worked with companies like Mercedes-Benz and L’Oreal China to create customized AR experiences within the company’s central app.


With AR already showing huge promise in entertainment with the success of Pokémon GO and companies beginning to realize the potential of the technology in advertisements, we may yet see more updates with AR in 2017.