Tidal Allows Song Editing


Music streaming company Tidal has recently introduced a new feature into its app called Track Edit, which allows users to adjust length and speed of song tracks before those tracks are added to a playlist.

This feature was announced rather quietly, which is why many Tidal users have not heard of it yet. You can access it by opening the Option menu while playing a song, which opens a viewable wave format of the track as well as various sliders to adjust Tempo, Fade in, and Fade out. It is unclear right now whether record labels are OK with this new option, and Tidal has not publically elaborated on the feature, which is probably why there was very little fanfare surrounding the new addition.

The discovery of this new feature occurred soon after Tidal announced that it will begin to offer “master-quality” streaming to its highest-tiered subscribers, becoming the first streaming service to do so.