Nintendo to Release Fire Emblem: Heroes as Next Mobile Game


Nintendo has long had trouble breaking into mobile gaming. Soon after its unveiling of the portable gaming device Switch, however, Nintendo has set a date, February 2, for the release of its next mobile title: Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Strangely enough, the new game will be first available on Android through Google Play, with iPhone and iPad availability arriving afterwards – the opposite of Super Mario Run, another Nintendo mobile game which began as an iOS exclusive. In addition, Fire Emblem on mobile will be available before its 3DS and Switch counterparts, indicating a rather dramatic shift for Nintendo towards mobile gaming.

With sales for Pokémon titles increasing significantly thanks to Pokémon Go’s success in 2016 (despite the fact that Nintendo did not actually make Go), Nintendo’s recent forays into the mobile realm could bring its older and less well-known titles to a new generation of mobile gamers.

The new game will be free to download, though in-app purchases will be available for players willing to spend money for an in-game boost.