PlayStation VR Gains 360-degree Youtube Support


This week, Sony released an update that would give PlayStation VR access to YouTube’s full catalogue of 360 videos. This will allow users to have a “virtual big-screen” while using their PS VR, giving content creators more of an incentive to shoot videos in that format.

In PlatStation’s blog post, Content Producer Matthew Groizard said, “Ever wondered what it’d be like to step inside a midnight safari or to paraglide over Brazil’s Iguazu falls? Well, with PS VR and YouTube, it’s easier than you might think.”

PS VR has offered limited support for 360 YouTube content for some time, but until now, the experience has not been ideal due to sub-par video resolutions, and not widely available to the bulk of users. This update seeks to change all that, and more importantly allow more and more users to have this immersive experience of watching videos in 360 degrees, so watching such media might not feel so much like a novelty in the future.

Already, there are hours of 360 content on YouTube; in addition, the U.S. presidential inauguration will be streaming in 360 via USA Today.