Elon Musk: “Tesla Will Never Stop Innovating”


In response to a Twitter question about possibly having a possible refurbishment path for owners of older Teslas who want the new components shipping with the newer “HW2” Teslas, Elon Musk replied, “Tesla will never stop innovating. People are buying the wrong car if they expect this. There will be major revs every 12 to 18 months.”

This ambitious rate of hardware updates is not seen anywhere else in the automaker industry, where cars could remain essentially the same for years before seeing a “major rev” such as jump in technology between the HW1 and HW2. Tesla’s rate of hardware updates, if Musk is serious, will be on par with most competitive smartphones.

Musk also added later to his response, “If we applied resources to doing super complex retrofits, our pace of innovation would drop dramatically.” Indeed, re-fitting older cars with HW2 will involve replacing over 300 parts and require resources that would probably be better spent on R&D.

It’s refreshing and a little scary to see Musk once again break a pretty well-established industry norm, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few years.