Over Half of Chinese Population Now Accesses Mobile Internet


For the first time ever, mobile Internet can reach 50 percent of the Chinese population.

The China Internet Network Information Center, a state-run agency that deals with China’s Internet matters, such as managing China’s domain name registry, engaging in technical and policy research, and conducting surveys, released this week the latest statistics on Chinese internet usage.

In December 2016, China had a total of 731 million Internet users, representing 53.2% of China’s 1.382 billion people. 95% of those users are able to do so on a mobile device, or 695 million total, which is just a little over 50.2% of China’s population – and the numbers are still growing. Over the past year, web adoption in China grew by 6.2 percent, representing about 43 million new users.

Some more relevant statistics, likely of great interest to companies seeking to grab a slice of the rapidly growing Chinese Internet market, include the 38% increase in people who use car-hailing apps such as DiDi and Uber, and that WeChat, the top app in Chinese mobile users, is used by 80% of all internet users in China.