New Hyperloop Facility Opening Up in France


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of the two companies working on Hyperloop trains, just announced that it will construct a 3,000 square meter facility in Toulouse, France.

The city is providing a small facility at the former military base Francazal Airport, which will allow Hyperloop TT to test out prototypes, including autonomous technologies, on outdoor terrain.

The company’s choice of location for a European facility is hardly random; according to the mayor of Toulouse, “a quarter of European jobs in the space sector are in Toulouse, making Toulouse the European capital of aeronautics and space today.” The city is home to many researchers and industry professionals, and hosts the headquarters and assembly lines of French aerospace company Airbus. When Hyperloop TT arrives in France, it will already have plenty of infrastructure and skilled local employees to help with its operations.

In addition, Hyperloop TT has recently struck the first international hyperloop agreement with Slovakia and the Czech republic to build a hypetloop train connecting Bratislava with Brno. HTT hopes to eventually connect all of Europe with trains, starting with the one line in Central Europe.