Facebook Introduces Weather Forecasts


Facebook has just introduced weather forecasting features, powered by forecasting website Weather.com, into both its mobile app and browser site.

This is an updated version of its “Weather Greetings” feature rolled out last year, which gave quick weather updates to users in the morning relevant to their current location or likely commute. Of course, this feature will still be present in Facebook, but now, users can access a full multi-day, live forecast by clicking on the message, or by going to the app’s “More” menu.

This app can also allow users to see what the weather is like in places other than their current location, by switching between locations in Settings. However, unlike the Apple Weather app, users can’t store a bunch of locations and swipe between them; they would have to go to Settings every time if they want to, say, know what the weather is like in New York after a flight from San Francisco.

Nevertheless, for those who spend a lot of their time on Facebook, this new utility is sure to be an added layer of convenience, as they might not have to spend time switching between the Facebook app and the weather app when trying to plan events. Weather forecasts now joins features Wifi finder and Discover people as practical features in Facebook’s mobile app.