Subaru Gets Self-Driving Test License


California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has just approved Japanese car company Subaru for its Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program. It now joins the ranks of companies like Google, Tesla, Honda, and Ford in being able to test self-driving technologies on California state roads.

California, especially the Bay Area, is a very sought-after place for companies looking to test autonomous driving technologies. This is not just because of the tech culture surrounding the Silicon Valley, but also because the DMV’s Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program allows companies to run trials on state-owned highways and city streets, allowing for a much more accurate representation of real world conditions and a cheaper alternative than a privately-constructed test facility.

Subaru expects to introduce highway semi-autonomous driving capabilities by 2020, and plans to introduce new traffic jam autonomous navigation into its existing “EyeSight” branded driver assist features.