Nissan Tests Autonomous Car in Britain

The Nissan company logo is seen on a modified Nissan Leaf, driverless car, during its first demonstration on public roads in Europe, in London, Britain February 27, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

For the first time ever, Nissan self-driving vehicles took to European streets with a series of tests in London.

These tests involved a modified Nissan LEAF electric car equipped with sensors and computing capability that will allow it to drive autonomously. Guided by numerous cameras, radars, and lasers, the cars drove up to 80 kilometers per hour, and transitioned between local streets and larger multi-lane roads.

Britain, especially London, is becoming an increasingly popular location for testing self-driving technology. While the country has been trying to attract autonomous car companies to profit off the rapidly growing self-driving car industry, the city’s flexibility when it comes to testing autonomous vehicles made London a clear choice for Nissan’s first European tests, with Volvo to follow up on its own tests later this year.