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TropicalPost Team

Hanci Lei – Lead Editor: Hanci is currently a high school student in California. He is very interested in technology news and the implications that they have for the world. Among his many interests are history and music, 16 years old tech geek associated to TropicalPost to write about the world of smartphones, Gadgets, Digital etc in 2015. Starting from internship and author, Hanci becomes Lead Editor and Senior Content Writer at TropicalPost now.

Faizan Ahmad

Faizan Ahmad – Lead Editor: Faizan is a Lead Editor and Senior Content Writer at TropicalPost. He is a Pro-Blogger and Tech Enthusiast, and loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. Sometimes when he is not playing with gadgets, he likes to write on other topics like Business News, Startups and Applications.

Rizwan Ahmad: He is a passionate Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Thinker, He writes for Tropicalpost.com and covers topics like Technology, Gadgets, Startups and more.